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RP46 PERFORMANCE…with a continuous operating temperature range from -150ºF to +675ºF and the ability to withstand super-hot spikes up to +1,500ºF, RP46 is ideal for many aerospace applications requiring BOTH weight reduction AND high performance.

RP46 exhibits high mechanical strength and structural durability at elevated temperatures. It also features significantly less moisture absorption and is therefore less susceptible to moisture induced damage. RP46 demonstrates excellent thermal oxidative stability and resistance to microcracking.

Availability...designed as a superior alternative to existing polyimides, RP46 is available as a liquid for prepreg of carbon, glass or quartz fabric; or as a powder for compression molding high temperature bearings, slip rings or races.

Check out the superior properties to see if RP46 might be the answer you seek!

Our RP46 data sheet is in Adobe PDF format. If you do not have an Adobe PDF reader or you have trouble opening this document, please download and install the current Adobe PDF reader here.

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